I have never done this before!

I named my blog “Average Abundance” because I am a truly average person.  But abiding in Christ has certainly made my life nothing short of abundant.

     In the early years of my marriage my husband and I grew together listening to Focus on the Family. I “followed”, which back then didn’t involve a mouse click or touch screen, before I was married. I was a weird college geek who listened to Christian talk radio in my dorm. After 4 years of marital bliss we began our family. My husband always knew I had a 4 child dream but after 2 he was done! When those biological boys were 5 and 7 my husband startled me. I can recall the hill on highway 101 we were ascending in our car, alone. He said, “I think we should talk about adoption”.  His comment was in response to a radio program we had both heard (not together) regarding Chinese girls and adoption. Eventually and fairly quickly we found ourselves in agreement to local foster care with the intention of permanency.  We signed up with the state of CA, took our parenting classes, our 6 and 8-year-old were interviewed and we added a brother and sister sibling group to our family. We were a family of 6 with three boys and youngest girl: 8, 6, 3, 2. We thought we did our part.

     Within 6 months my husband’s business was bought out and his job was ended. What now? We ended up returning to Bible College for 2 years (my husband never finished after he got me and a great truck driving job). From there we moved our challenged, struggling, clinging to God alone family to Jos, Nigeria where we lived and worked for 6 years. We added 97 children to our “family” there. The NGO we were with established the buildings, with our team of 12 American expats.My rolls included but were not limited to; visiting villages and interviewing orphans in crisis, working with social workers and outfitting a clinic as the nurse, and teaching preschool and kindergarten. When our oldest returned to the states for college we resigned. We needed a rest and it was our sabbatical year.

    Fast forward 4 years to now. My husband has a great local truck driving job. I am an unemployed nurse with great village experience which means nothing in CA. I home schooled our 2 youngest 7th and 8th grades and now I am home alone! But God.

     In February I was sent home from a fairly new job relieved but startled. I said out loud, “this is a day of opportunity”.  I had started to read and pray “The Circle Maker“just 2 days earlier. My husband was home and we sat on our front porch and gave thanks and prayed asking God to be clear with next. Meanwhile I had missed a phone call and returned to the porch to listen to the voice-mail. It was a stunning phone call from child protective services. Our chosen children have a 12-year-old brother who needs a home. He had been, homeless, moved around and left in a very bad place.
     Two months later and daily experiences of God big and clear in many ways. We are in the midst of family visits and he will come home here permanently in just weeks. I wrote on a recent Facebook post that I was going to start a blog. My eyes have just had way too many God sightings not to document.  If anything, just for me to debrief after these stunning moments.
Please give thanks in response and know God is all over your average life desiring to make it abundant.

About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent, praying, wife of 1, mom of 5. Jesus is everything to me. For His fame.
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  1. Stephanie says:

    Always joyful

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