It Figures

I am reading a book “What I talk About When I Talk About Running”.  Since I am training for my first marathon, I read for inspiration and instruction.  I am not going to talk about the book but I do give it a twenty six footprint recommendation. It will inspire me to my goal of 26.2 consecutive miles.   Today happens to be a rest day for me.

1 rest day

The fact that I  am on course for my first ever

100 mile month

and my desire to be productive makes it very challenging not to put on my neon pink Vibrams and get my feet moving. Can I really stay home all day and be content? Yep! I know it is good for my hair to take a day off without salty sweat and I did straiten my locks yesterday. It looks pretty good.  I will do my required job search and probably check facebook more than once today. I thoroughly cleaned the house

2 days ago.

I have been cooking so much since being off work for

2 months,

our fridge is stuffed with yummy leftovers. Last night was Indian food. Remainders of Pizza from Saturday. I will have my grapefruit and almonds for lunch or perhaps a salad with pears, toasted pecans, cranberry gorgonzola dressing and leftover chicken. I would love to bake something but I know I will eat and that would be depressing since I didn’t run today. My love for eating is one of the reasons I run.

I was thinking about


this morning as I have been reading through in my morning quiet time. It still amazes me that God speaks so clearly and applicably to me in this fairly repetitive mundane book. I practice my old homiletics every morning. Today’s subject sentence, “Set apart for God; moving, settling, alone or in mixed community.” As I sit here at the computer, not running, alone, but the extension of a community so close as I write to post publically, I am awed by the contentment of God’s presence. Still not sure where I am going with this but so sure I am blessed abundantly, although average.

How do you invest those few moments that aren’t scheduled for purpose? If you don’t have them, what is the by-product of your day?

What do the figures in your life exemplify?


About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent, praying, wife of 1, mom of 5. Jesus is everything to me. For His fame.
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