Wrecked (Messed up, broken, devastated)

Recently I read an ebook written by Jeff Goins who inspired me to write. Actually what he did was give me permission to put to words what my mind thinks and sees. Wrecked for the Ordinary: A Misfit’s Manifesto,  displays the paradigms of people who have gone, seen or heard life in a way that changes them. (If he asked I would have written the above review). Considering the experiences in my life; from career nursing, added foster parenting, then adopting, then moving to rural Wyoming only to be equipped to move to Nigeria for 6 years all with a young family of 6 and wild faith. The return trip back to decadent Northern California, homeschooling briefly, being unemployed, returning to college at 45, and now another foster child.  It is no wonder I am training for a marathon.  I can’t stop running the distance. Additionally, the Word of God speaks to me and creation testifies moment by moment it seems. I am wrecked! For those who may interpret that word in a negative sense, think again. This walk of faith is almost unbelievable. I can hardly say it.  Some moments I can hardly stand it! Joy in trials means so much more when you can laugh in the tears.

There is something about being wrecked where pieces end up strewn about and scattered and something totally new is created, from wreckage. Something intentional, functional and with purpose appears with the addition of other’s strewn parts, words and presence. Like glorified recycling. Therefore I write. I am waiting also to see where the end of this pressing ahead leads. But not really. In hope, my only real goal is that God looks obvious through my response to His immensity in my life.

Where did you see God today? Want to get our broken pieces together and create? Leave a comment.


About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent, praying, wife of 1, mom of 5. Jesus is everything to me. For His fame.
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One Response to Wrecked (Messed up, broken, devastated)

  1. It’s when we are wrecked that we are more likely to search for God. Loved this post. Really!

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