Fear Serve Cling

Reading Deuteronomy and surprised by how relevant it is to me today.  Seems to be repetitive.  A second giving of “law”? How can this speak to me? No surprise so many people get caught up in the “do” of religion and miss the point. After all how many times have I read Deuteronomy and not heard it. I can tick it off my “read the Bible through in a year plan”. The circumstances are the same. Man is in a mess and needs help. Turning to God is where rescue occurs. My manipulative, controlling ways are where I get farther away and mess up exponentially. I had a conversation with a 16 year old young man in my house last night along these lines. It is our nature. But God (I just love that there is always a BUT with God, an opportunity) birthed me at this time and place so I could read Deuteronomy with relief. In the cross of Christ I don’t have to get hung up on the list. I can follow the principle of Deut 10:20 Fear, serve and cling; all for His name. In 2012 that name is Jesus and the to do list has been finished and the motive clarified.

What does it mean to me:

Fear- my personal fear is in not pleasing God. Because of the extent of His love, my desire is to respond with my life. I fear not living up to the extent of who He is to me. That is not a scarry, frightening fear but a somber, shoulder slumping, disappointed in myself fear.

Serve- the actions of my life whether at a job where I get a paycheck, cooking dinner for my family, being available to someone in need, noticing others and valuing who God made them to be. Living a life focused on how I am to come alongside someone else. The motive in serving is the same as God desired for Israel, because of what God had done for them. Only, God has done much more for me. I live on the other side of the cross and resurrection. The Holy Spirit lives within me. No limits. There is no Red Sea to cross, no promised land to get to, no enemy that God has not already defeated. Even death, it’s a done deal. Then there is the obvious example of Jesus who washed the feet of the one whom he knew was going to do him in. He didn’t skip over or scrub with extra force to make a point. He served.

Cling- Just that, stick to Him like the cling wrap that covers and is molded to the leftover containers. The kind that frustrates you because it sticks to itself so easily. When put in the microwave it vacuum seals itself with such suction you have to pierce it to release the seal. Cling. As the grapes on the vines I saw yesterday at Korbel. The teeny seed sized green clusters have to endure and cling to the vine to produce a harvest for the vintner. Without being connected they die and are useless. The potential of the fruit lies in the position of connection.   

So today Deuteronomy 10 reminds me to be tender hearted, for the LORD my God is the God of gods and the LORD of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God…That His name would be magnified to me and through me. I represent Him and I desire to rep His name. I will fear, serve and cling.

What are you afraid of?

Do you live to serve or are you looking to be served?

You are clinging to something. If not Jesus, what?


About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent, praying, wife of 1, mom of 5. Jesus is everything to me. For His fame.
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