What a Man

My husband “liked” my blog while reading on my dashboard therefore you see I “like” myself. He has not made me follow me, yet.

Next week we will celebrate 26 years of our vow. We will take our children (including the newest 12 year old foster child) with us to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Did you read the love in those sentences?

For father’s day he is taking our children and my dad away for the day on a train trip.  Being a dad, so that I can be alone! No couch. No TV. For me. And yes our teens are going to ride a slow moving train with a bunch of little kids and grandpas wearing matching stripped overalls and engineer hats. Did you read the love in those sentences?

My truck driving husband doesn’t write a blog nor read much. Purely Bible, which he awakens 2 hours earlier than necessary every morning because he wants to. If there was a button somewhere to declare it- I “like” him a whole bunch.

Great men follow Jesus.

Grateful woman here.


About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent, praying, wife of 1, mom of 5. Jesus is everything to me. For His fame.
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