The Outfit

Part of preparation for a race                                                                                                      involves choosing an outfit. The shoes, the shirt the shorts.

My race will begin in a cold environment early in the dark morning.  It will end in sunshine (I am hoping). For now I am stuck on the “shorts”.

Pouring over the catalogs I have envied the vast choices on the beautiful models. Shorts, skort, or knee length capris? Should I wear a cotton tank as usual or purchase a more favorable wicking tech tee of some sort?

I decided to visit a specialty woman’s athletic store on my way home from an early morning airport trip.  I touched and tried on everything from bathing suits to lovely summer dresses and almost every pair of running shorts and skort they had.  The sales lady was friendly and kept offering to bring me more. I figured it was worth finding the correct size and they should know their product that I have just gazed on in paper form. After an hour (and I am no shopper) I walked out of the store with a skort. I questioned myself but purchased as the saleslady suggested, “go for a run and if you don’t like it you can return it”.  Even as I drove away, still an hour longer to my home I felt uneasy.  I just paid a good sum for a skort with a one day event in mind.

Target’s Sale Skort

Shopping later that day I glanced at the Target ad on my way in and saw athletic shorts on sale for a forth of the cost that I had paid for that skort. It was haunting me.

Next day, getting dressed for my run, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t wear the skort. I am running on purpose.  People have supported my chosen charity to help kids in Uganda. The skort cost more than my largest donation as of date. What was I thinking!

I put the skort back in the souvenir styled shopping bag it came in and I am going to return it. I feel better. I ran a fast free 10 miles thinking of all the kids that will benefit, asking God to multiply the efforts of my miles and resources. I have intentionally trained and I will intentionally finish well.

What covers me doesn’t matter as much as what it is covering.

If you want to join me you can learn about Katie and her kids at  my firstgiving page.


About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent. Beloved daughter. #4healthandhope #Bettertogether
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  1. mrsloomis says:

    Love my Target skorts!

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