Worship from here

A worship leader’s job, to lead people through not to their position. The struggle with desiring to be noticed (being effective and admired) and being satisfied is a balance of tensions.

“And I throw my hands up in the air
Here’s my heart ’cause I don’t care-
What they say about me, I gotta praise
I throw my hands up in the air
‘Cause I know that You will find me there
Find me when I praise” FFH When I Praise

I love to sing and actually can carry a tune. In the “Revelation”, Heaven is described as a fairly loud and moving place. At least around the throne. Exuberance seems common place. I will fit in.

But for now, I find myself asking God to accept my worship as I make breakfast for my sleeping in kids while I am up early to be ready for them. I have vacuumed and cleaned bathroom floors all recognizing the quiet unnoticed opportunity for worship.  I prefer to be in the front row with hands held high in proclamation of “my God” and His attributes. But for now on the floor with a rag in hand satisfies. How bizarre is that.

Even the Macy’s mannequin holds the pose.

David was a passionate worshiper. First Chronicles 13-16 encapsulates a picture of proper passion in the presence of God.  The narrative revolves around the ark. God’s Holy dwelling place in those days. Today that dwelling place is, gulp, within believers. The ark required specific methods of transport by singled out people. It was surrounded by song, music, and community. Worship leader, David, did not carry the ark himself, but dressed appropriately as he led each person in their specific task.  I can be a part of the crowd and lead those around me as I worship.

At home that often  looks like mundane tasks.  In reality I am preparing a place for my family to feel secure and loved so they can be free to live a life of worship.  I am a gatekeeper, who sings, and dances.  I can do that in my Sunday best, or in my running cloths. I can sing. I can kneel. I can laugh. I can cry. In all I give thanks.

Who and how are you worshiping today?


About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent, praying, wife of 1, mom of 5. Jesus is everything to me. For His fame.
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