Counting down to Count Up

8 days and counting.  D-day arrives July 29 at 5:30 am. It will be dark. It will be cool. My first 26.2 consecutive miles run will be the San Francisco Marathon 2012. I completed the first half in 2010. Last year I had a wedding of my first born to attend in Alabama.  Counted down the days for that one too. As I ran my last double digit training run today I thought about numbers.

We count down and we count up. Counting down relates to both good and bad events. My son will go back to college in _____ days.  My husband will be home from work in ____minutes. Perhaps, a baby will be born in____days or you will say goodbye to a loved one at an airport departure curb in _____days,____hours___ minutes. But counting up involves something a bit more.

Counting down typically ends in zero. Now at mile 26.2 I will be delighted to know that I have zero miles left to run. I am not sure how I feel about counting down.  I want to see the mile markers pass in ascending order and quickly.

Counting up implies  gain (OK not always positive-weight, salary), achievement, progress. We count up our money, our speedometer goes up, as well as the calendar and chapters in a book. The 12 days of Christmas.

While I ran this morning I knew my pre-mapped total number.  Without devices I had no idea what my time splits, numbers, looked like.  I had goals of a negative split and a couple middle miles at race pace.  But it was all by feel, not numbers. The end result was the fastest pace ever!

What numbers are you living, looking, working toward?  Are you counting up or down?

I am running on purpose.  There are some numbers involved here too.  If you would like to add to my $ numbers, I am running for Katie and her children in Uganda.  If you don’t know about Kisses from Katie you can read about her and find a link here.  Thanks for your support of Katie in advance.  Note if you support me I will send you the book for free. That is no numbers!  I think her story will inspire you to do something great.


About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent, praying, wife of 1, mom of 5. Jesus is everything to me. For His fame.
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