The Marathon Playlist

What we listen too affects us.

I run alone. Even at the gym on the dreamil, I am aware but uninvolved with what goes on around me.  I have a busy house full of teenagers.  When they want to isolate they put their earbuds in. So do I.  Beyond listening to my favorite podcasts, I have a few playlists that change my focus and inspire me.  More than just the sweat and the exhilaration of being done, running has trained my mind.  The people I listen to in my earphones have, on some days, been my only adult contact. Through my ears, people speak to me, and change me.

With earphone or without?  

I am most certainly running with a playlist and as typical one ear phone in.  On my last double digit run which I wrote about here, I listened to my “work in process” playlist.  One song in particular inspired me beyond the rest.  I think anyone would enjoy.  Check it out here.  My favorite hill climb song has a good pace for me.

Working out the details

I look like this in my dreams.

So now that I know which songs didn’t work exactly and need to work out the order according to the hills and valleys.  Maybe you have a song to share.  Or can help me figure out; song time, guesstimate of miles, can I trust my plan to keep me on pace and have that “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough” on when I climb the hill onto the Golden Gate early in the course? Wisdom from experience. I am listening.

Favorite; rev me up song,  slow me down song, focus on form song. Glad to hear your ideas. Currently my playlist has songs from Passion, tobyMac, Christy Nockels, David Crowder Band and Mary Poppins.  No way am I running on empty!


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2 Responses to The Marathon Playlist

  1. Smplefy says:

    Music keeps me going on tempo during my runs. I have a very deliberately ordered playlist with up and down tempo songs. On flat runs, I can always tell what mile I am on by the songs. Certain songs play through the mile markers. On steep hilly trail runs, the music actually works against me, because my brain is keyed into a tempo and my body can’t execute. I have been know to tell an up tempo song to f-off on steep climbs.

    In San Francisco, it’s going to be a crap shoot because of the hills. I expect to be anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes behind my normal pace at the 13.1 point. I do have a long set of Grateful Dead, Jimmy Hendrix, Jefferson Starship, Mamas and the Papas, Janice queued up for the Haight at mile 19. I have over six hours of music loaded on my phone as a worst case scenario next week.

    For a little more about running and music and singing:

    • Thanks for your response. I love your Haight list. I didn’t think of that. Your history validates my desire to plan according to my pace, songs with elevation and location. Will tag on extra songs just in case also. Running by cupids arrow without music to drive me to a strong finish would be devastating.

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