Training includes Tapering

Three days from now I will be finished with a current goal that ends with 26.2 miles on the streets, bridge, hills and park in San Francisco. Following a training plan has been helpful.  The last 10 days have been simple runs, a bit of speed but pretty short. Tapering. Time to give your body a rest and go into the race full of energy and desire.

I have no idea how many miles I have trained. I know my town well; the vineyards, the schools, the lake, the landscape.  Many miles were piled on the dreadmil at “my gym”. People have commented and some know I am actually training on purpose.

Along the miles

Spring Lake

I have met people, encouraged people, and been inspired by many. Podcasts have taught me; TED talks, Catalyst, Relevant, and Passion City Church. I have sung out loud. I have read; What I Think About When I Think About Running, The Ultra Marathon Man, Running with the Kenyans, Train Like a Mother, Runner’s World, Running the Rift, and a few blogs along the way.

Running on purpose

As an independent runner without a team or club, I knew I wanted to use my steps to draw attention to someone else who is living a marathon lifestyle for others.  Running for Katie and Amazima has assisted my training as I have prayed for her; for endurance, safety, inspiration and efficacy, many miles.  You can easily access here, and donate for Katie’s Kids in Uganda and Amazima.

It’s a Win Win

For any donation I will send you the book, “Kisses From Katie”.  My desire in that is you would read it and be inspired to do something remarkable with your life. My desire was to run a marathon before I turned 50. I a few more years. Nice to say I may have reached my goal in just days. I am still hesitant to admit it.

Now the details; fuel- what and whens, hydration, mapping my plan for my fans, my race playlist, and the outfit. I guess this is all part of tapering.  I really want to go on a long run!  I want to support Katie.



About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent, praying, wife of 1, mom of 5. Jesus is everything to me. For His fame.
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3 Responses to Training includes Tapering

  1. Smplefy says:

    What wave are you in? I am in 8. Enjoy the race.

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