How Do You Write a Book?

David, skipped out of work one day and ended up in a heap of mess.

So I have 25 days before my next semester of grad school starts.

I have heard many times, “you should write a book”.

Problem is, which book do I write?

Here are a few of my ideas:

Inspired For What (How many events, podcasts, blogs, and books do you have to read before you actually do something?)

Wild Women of the West (Why do I feel so alone as a believing woman on the west coast?)

Chosen on Purpose (Global and local reflections on adoption and foster care.)

Been There Done That (My story of how God has moved me to settle in tents.)

Eyes to See (How paying attention creates drive and vision, thanksgiving and motivation.)

This is the funny part, I am going to post this and see if anyone responds.

I will still write but just curious where my support will come from. 


About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent. Beloved daughter. #4healthandhope #Bettertogether
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4 Responses to How Do You Write a Book?

  1. Jeff Goins says:

    Write the worst one first.

  2. Gretchen says:

    Yes! Write, write, write!!!

  3. These are all great ideas, Jackie. All with awesome potential to inspire and encourage. I voted for Chosen on Purpose, but Wild Women of the West is a close 2nd! Have you made your decision yet?

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