The first day of anything new involves a bit of thought, emotion and an action. Think back to firsts you recall. First day of school. What details do you remember? What the weather was like? Who you spoke to first? How it felt to find your name on a space that was yours for a time? Your first public speaking opportunity? Your first day in a new neighborhood? First day of a new job? First day with no job?

Typically a first involves expectations. Depending on what you expect or what you interpret as expected of you, your emotions will be involved. Perhaps excited, scared, nervous. How you view what is next will affect how you behave.

These are not “first words” nor new thoughts, but the attempt to write blindly is a first. In the past this venue chronicled intentions. I had plans and I was going to document the steps (literally, as I trained for a marathon). Over the non posted moments I have initiated new plans. There have been many firsts. Returning to school for a graduate degree. Each clinical experience. Challenging classes with thousand page textbooks. First exam failure. Near miraculous real outcomes. Divine appointments. Changed lives. Uncertain plans do not negate the fact that next is coming whether I know exactly what that is or not. I choose to note the firsts, instigate some intentionally, and lean into the opportunities.

A first post for a first day of a new year. Unsure of what is next. A vague plan for life, opportunities without limitations, and uncertainty about what I will do tomorrow. I do know what is now.

Firsts are not always linear, nor complete. First, implies there will be something to follow. First may be an alone accomplishment or in relationship to others. Outcomes may be gloriously favorable or disappointing.


About Jackie Anderson

Desperately dependent. Beloved daughter. #4healthandhope #Bettertogether
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