The Teeter Totter of Balance

Wow is mom upside down. Trick is to know which direction I am, when and where. #balanceinthelean #momstable #wowcanteeter


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Opportunity at The Table

At the Table

Today is Maunday Thursday

The title comes from the word “mandate”.

The mandate from the table was to love and serve exemplified by Jesus washing his followers feet.

But a lot more occurred at that table:

Anointed at the table

Thanksgiving at the table

Eating and drinking at the table

Discussion at the table

Direction at the table

Warned at the table

Whispering at the table

Instruction at the table

Commanded at the table

Betrayed from the table

Present at the table

Sent from the table

Singing at the table

Inspired at the table

After the table, life got intense.

What happens at your table?

Be intentional as you gather around the table.


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Training includes Tapering

Three days from now I will be finished with a current goal that ends with 26.2 miles on the streets, bridge, hills and park in San Francisco. Following a training plan has been helpful.  The last 10 days have been simple runs, a bit of speed but pretty short. Tapering. Time to give your body a rest and go into the race full of energy and desire.

I have no idea how many miles I have trained. I know my town well; the vineyards, the schools, the lake, the landscape.  Many miles were piled on the dreadmil at “my gym”. People have commented and some know I am actually training on purpose.

Along the miles

Spring Lake

I have met people, encouraged people, and been inspired by many. Podcasts have taught me; TED talks, Catalyst, Relevant, and Passion City Church. I have sung out loud. I have read; What I Think About When I Think About Running, The Ultra Marathon Man, Running with the Kenyans, Train Like a Mother, Runner’s World, Running the Rift, and a few blogs along the way.

Running on purpose

As an independent runner without a team or club, I knew I wanted to use my steps to draw attention to someone else who is living a marathon lifestyle for others.  Running for Katie and Amazima has assisted my training as I have prayed for her; for endurance, safety, inspiration and efficacy, many miles.  You can easily access here, and donate for Katie’s Kids in Uganda and Amazima.

It’s a Win Win

For any donation I will send you the book, “Kisses From Katie”.  My desire in that is you would read it and be inspired to do something remarkable with your life. My desire was to run a marathon before I turned 50. I a few more years. Nice to say I may have reached my goal in just days. I am still hesitant to admit it.

Now the details; fuel- what and whens, hydration, mapping my plan for my fans, my race playlist, and the outfit. I guess this is all part of tapering.  I really want to go on a long run!  I want to support Katie.


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The Marathon Playlist

What we listen too affects us.

I run alone. Even at the gym on the dreamil, I am aware but uninvolved with what goes on around me.  I have a busy house full of teenagers.  When they want to isolate they put their earbuds in. So do I.  Beyond listening to my favorite podcasts, I have a few playlists that change my focus and inspire me.  More than just the sweat and the exhilaration of being done, running has trained my mind.  The people I listen to in my earphones have, on some days, been my only adult contact. Through my ears, people speak to me, and change me.

With earphone or without?  

I am most certainly running with a playlist and as typical one ear phone in.  On my last double digit run which I wrote about here, I listened to my “work in process” playlist.  One song in particular inspired me beyond the rest.  I think anyone would enjoy.  Check it out here.  My favorite hill climb song has a good pace for me.

Working out the details

I look like this in my dreams.

So now that I know which songs didn’t work exactly and need to work out the order according to the hills and valleys.  Maybe you have a song to share.  Or can help me figure out; song time, guesstimate of miles, can I trust my plan to keep me on pace and have that “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough” on when I climb the hill onto the Golden Gate early in the course? Wisdom from experience. I am listening.

Favorite; rev me up song,  slow me down song, focus on form song. Glad to hear your ideas. Currently my playlist has songs from Passion, tobyMac, Christy Nockels, David Crowder Band and Mary Poppins.  No way am I running on empty!

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Counting down to Count Up

8 days and counting.  D-day arrives July 29 at 5:30 am. It will be dark. It will be cool. My first 26.2 consecutive miles run will be the San Francisco Marathon 2012. I completed the first half in 2010. Last year I had a wedding of my first born to attend in Alabama.  Counted down the days for that one too. As I ran my last double digit training run today I thought about numbers.

We count down and we count up. Counting down relates to both good and bad events. My son will go back to college in _____ days.  My husband will be home from work in ____minutes. Perhaps, a baby will be born in____days or you will say goodbye to a loved one at an airport departure curb in _____days,____hours___ minutes. But counting up involves something a bit more.

Counting down typically ends in zero. Now at mile 26.2 I will be delighted to know that I have zero miles left to run. I am not sure how I feel about counting down.  I want to see the mile markers pass in ascending order and quickly.

Counting up implies  gain (OK not always positive-weight, salary), achievement, progress. We count up our money, our speedometer goes up, as well as the calendar and chapters in a book. The 12 days of Christmas.

While I ran this morning I knew my pre-mapped total number.  Without devices I had no idea what my time splits, numbers, looked like.  I had goals of a negative split and a couple middle miles at race pace.  But it was all by feel, not numbers. The end result was the fastest pace ever!

What numbers are you living, looking, working toward?  Are you counting up or down?

I am running on purpose.  There are some numbers involved here too.  If you would like to add to my $ numbers, I am running for Katie and her children in Uganda.  If you don’t know about Kisses from Katie you can read about her and find a link here.  Thanks for your support of Katie in advance.  Note if you support me I will send you the book for free. That is no numbers!  I think her story will inspire you to do something great.

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Worship from here

A worship leader’s job, to lead people through not to their position. The struggle with desiring to be noticed (being effective and admired) and being satisfied is a balance of tensions.

“And I throw my hands up in the air
Here’s my heart ’cause I don’t care-
What they say about me, I gotta praise
I throw my hands up in the air
‘Cause I know that You will find me there
Find me when I praise” FFH When I Praise

I love to sing and actually can carry a tune. In the “Revelation”, Heaven is described as a fairly loud and moving place. At least around the throne. Exuberance seems common place. I will fit in.

But for now, I find myself asking God to accept my worship as I make breakfast for my sleeping in kids while I am up early to be ready for them. I have vacuumed and cleaned bathroom floors all recognizing the quiet unnoticed opportunity for worship.  I prefer to be in the front row with hands held high in proclamation of “my God” and His attributes. But for now on the floor with a rag in hand satisfies. How bizarre is that.

Even the Macy’s mannequin holds the pose.

David was a passionate worshiper. First Chronicles 13-16 encapsulates a picture of proper passion in the presence of God.  The narrative revolves around the ark. God’s Holy dwelling place in those days. Today that dwelling place is, gulp, within believers. The ark required specific methods of transport by singled out people. It was surrounded by song, music, and community. Worship leader, David, did not carry the ark himself, but dressed appropriately as he led each person in their specific task.  I can be a part of the crowd and lead those around me as I worship.

At home that often  looks like mundane tasks.  In reality I am preparing a place for my family to feel secure and loved so they can be free to live a life of worship.  I am a gatekeeper, who sings, and dances.  I can do that in my Sunday best, or in my running cloths. I can sing. I can kneel. I can laugh. I can cry. In all I give thanks.

Who and how are you worshiping today?

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The Outfit

Part of preparation for a race                                                                                                      involves choosing an outfit. The shoes, the shirt the shorts.

My race will begin in a cold environment early in the dark morning.  It will end in sunshine (I am hoping). For now I am stuck on the “shorts”.

Pouring over the catalogs I have envied the vast choices on the beautiful models. Shorts, skort, or knee length capris? Should I wear a cotton tank as usual or purchase a more favorable wicking tech tee of some sort?

I decided to visit a specialty woman’s athletic store on my way home from an early morning airport trip.  I touched and tried on everything from bathing suits to lovely summer dresses and almost every pair of running shorts and skort they had.  The sales lady was friendly and kept offering to bring me more. I figured it was worth finding the correct size and they should know their product that I have just gazed on in paper form. After an hour (and I am no shopper) I walked out of the store with a skort. I questioned myself but purchased as the saleslady suggested, “go for a run and if you don’t like it you can return it”.  Even as I drove away, still an hour longer to my home I felt uneasy.  I just paid a good sum for a skort with a one day event in mind.

Target’s Sale Skort

Shopping later that day I glanced at the Target ad on my way in and saw athletic shorts on sale for a forth of the cost that I had paid for that skort. It was haunting me.

Next day, getting dressed for my run, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t wear the skort. I am running on purpose.  People have supported my chosen charity to help kids in Uganda. The skort cost more than my largest donation as of date. What was I thinking!

I put the skort back in the souvenir styled shopping bag it came in and I am going to return it. I feel better. I ran a fast free 10 miles thinking of all the kids that will benefit, asking God to multiply the efforts of my miles and resources. I have intentionally trained and I will intentionally finish well.

What covers me doesn’t matter as much as what it is covering.

If you want to join me you can learn about Katie and her kids at  my firstgiving page.

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