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Desperately dependent, praying, wife of 1, mom of 5. Jesus is everything to me. For His fame.

Cats and Teenagers

How cats are like teenagers. They jump on your new furniture claiming their paws won’t hurt a thing. They only eat out of one bowl  but it is forever on the floor or on the counter. They only drink out … Continue reading

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Does it Matter?

Matter, noun, is a scientific term that relates to ions and force. Matter involves space and potential energy. Matter, verb, defines significance and involves consequence. She had a small frame and short gray hair. Wearing her “pajama jeans” with typical … Continue reading

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The first day of anything new involves a bit of thought, emotion and an action. Think back to firsts you recall. First day of school. What details do you remember? What the weather was like? Who you spoke to first? … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Go

Race Day Almost a year ago I experienced the satisfaction of a race run and so much more. Yesterday my 17 year old son’s first race with me, a 5k Color Run. Today, spectating the last day of the Tour … Continue reading

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A mothers CV

A Mother’s Curriculum Vitae The word “curriculum vitae” sounds lovely, brilliant and successful. I work from home to influence the next generation to impact the world.  Bed: Rise earlier than them. Chair: Be quiet, alone and relish. House: Pick up so … Continue reading

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Just now

Just now I found myself reflecting back with gratitude.    Just now marathon training seems like ancient history. Just now the finish line seems like a moment of pure glory in hours of pursuing daily life. Just now I have purpose and … Continue reading

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How Do You Write a Book?

David, skipped out of work one day and ended up in a heap of mess. So I have 25 days before my next semester of grad school starts. I have heard many times, “you should write a book”. Problem is, … Continue reading

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